Cosplay Naruto Tsunade

Naruto Tsunade is considered as the most powerful and beautiful female Hokage and the Fifth Hokege. She is somewhat the same as Rangiku, the long blonde hair, the body shape; namely, she also has large breasts and a mark but is on her forehead. What is more, Taunade is bold and uninhibited and loves drinks.

Cosplay Orihime Inoue

Orihime Inoue has long orange hair and brown eyes. As regards Orihime cosplay, there are two welcomed costumes. One is the school uniform (including summer and winter suit) and another one is the Arrancar uniform, which is really a sexy costume.

Rosario and Vampire Kurumu has light blue hair, tied back with a purple ribbon with a yellow star on it, along with purple eyes and thick eyelashes. As the succubus, Kurumu is one of the most beautiful girls at Youkai Academy.

Kurumu is an ideal cosplay choice for the girls who are small but has large breasts. She is about 153cm and wears different uniform from the other girls, namely the plain white shirt with red tie, light yellow vest with green short skirt. This is an easy cosplay too.

Cosplay Rangiku Matsumoto

Rangiku Matsumoto is a well-known female character of Bleach and is famous for her large breasts and bold and uninhibited personality. Of course Rangiku is beautiful and appealing.

In terms of Rangiku cosplay, there are large numbers of plumpy girls are always into this bleach cosplay. As the Lieutenant of the 10th Division, Rangiku is a powerful female. The long wavy blonde hair and blue eyes, plus a beautiful mark under the right side of her mouth attract a lot of cosplay boys and girls. In addition, portray Rangiku is more suitable for the mature girls.

Apart from Rangiku in Bleach, the character must be Orihime who has large breasts. As a teenager, Orihime is quite curvaceous and stands out among her classmates including Rukia.

Cosplay Durarara

Anri Sonohara from Durarara, a quiet and timid girl with shirt black hair and brown eyes with a pair of glasses over them, but she is quite intelligent, clever and busty, her large breasts make her popular all the way. Since the series of Durarara is quite popular at present because of its special story plots and character designs. Hot and busty cosplay girl should not miss it.

Cosplay Girls - Who is the Best Choice for Girl's Bleach Cosplay?

Speaking of the bleach cosplay, who is the best cosplay choice for you? Have you found your ideal or favorite bleach character? Aside from the cosplay boys, there is a lot of charmingbleach girls in all kinds of cosplay cons at the same time, some of them are sexy, some of them are kawaii and some of them are distinctive, in a word, each of them has respective feature. As the activity of bleach cosplay becomes more and more well-liked by different impersonators from all walks of life all over the world, we could easily find that increasing cosplay girls participate in this type of cosplay.

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