Wolverine Costumes Bringing Out the X-Men in You

Wolverine is a Marvel Comics superhero. He first saw print in the 180th issue of The Incredible Hulk in October of 1974. He was created by art director John Romita Sr. and Len Wein. Wolverine subsequently joined the "All New, All Different X-Men" in May 1975. Chris Claremont, one of the X-Men comic's most prolific writers, created much of the myths about arguably the most iconic X-Men character of all time. John Byrne also helped create Wolverine's background story. Claremont later collaborated with Frank Miller and gave the character more depth with a series of four comics in the latter part of 1982.

Batman Costume Goes Dark

Batman has always been a classic subject of Halloween excitement, but in light of this year's blockbuster performance directed by Christopher Nolan, the Batman costume is destined to be one of the top choices this Halloween.

Unless you have had your head under a rock for the past few months, you know that The Dark Knight's Joker has taken the film-making industry by storm, and has thrust Batman into the spotlight once again as America's favorite superhero. In light of these developments, it is no wonder every little boy and even a number of little girls will want the new Batman costume this Halloween.

The reason Batman is enjoying the spotlight is due to Christopher Nolan's recent masterpiece blockbuster, "The Dark Knight". The Dark Knight pit Batman against his most formidable opponent onscreen yet, the Joker. Although Batman is the main focus here, the Joker played by Heath Ledger in this year's summer blockbuster deserves his due.

Superman - The Real Superhero

Superman is a fictional American superhero. Creators Jerry Siegel and Jos Shuster first thought of Superman in 1932, but the superhero did not appear in print until June of 1938 when he was published in "Action Comics #1". Since his debut, Superman has been featured in newspaper strips, television shows, video games, movies, and countless comic books. Superman remains a major driving force behind the popularity of superheroes in Western society, resulting in blockbusters, superhero costumes, and action figures. The trademark Superman costume consists of a blue, red, and yellow outfit, a red cape, and a capital S printed on the chest.

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